About Uppdoo


Uppdoo is an original hand-crafted bag and accessory design brand based in Toronto, Canada. At the end of 2012, founder/designer Ricky Shi decided to take his passion to the drawing board; interweave his ability to craft with his sense of style to create unique handbags and small fashion accessories in small batches by hand.

UPPDOO is personally resonant for Ricky as it contains two important principles in life – Direction and Action. Team Uppdoo is constantly creating, seeking inspiration, and looking for new challenges and adventures in the field of fashion and design. Their interest in design is diverse; they take inspirations and creativities from all angles such as art, craft, fashion, interior design and culture. Uppdoo style reflects the world around us: urban, culturally diverse, dynamic and infused with artistic inspiration.

The underlying philosophy at UPPDOO is that “Life is Sweet…” – so it‘s important to treat yourself and indulge in all of life’s delicious moments. Not simply just a brand of fashion, UPPDOO will inspire and uplift the everyday into a celebratory one.



All designs are produced by hand in the Uppdoo studio in Toronto. We hand craft, assemble and package our original designs in house to ensure that each and every single piece is made with love and care. We set the bar up high with our quality control, so every piece that goes out is of the highest possible quality and condition.

Studio 1                   20141011_164219                 DSC05155


Material is the foundation of the product – only the exceptional and exotic material will let the design rise and shine! We only select top notch leather, canvas and hardware to be the staple of our products.

Distressed utilitarian Side - Chestnut Brown Distressed utilitarian Side - Black Antique Dusty Pink_VegTanned 20150208_162031